7 things that will attract candidates

(even when they aren’t looking)​

With unemployment at record lows the struggle for a lot of HR professionals is cutting through the market and stealing the attention of potential candidates. How do you make your organisation the most attractive? These are the top 9 factors according to our survey:

  1. A more generous benefits package

Shouting about what you offer as an employer is key, especially if you have something unique that might attract candidates. Making sure you’re really clear about what the benefits are, is always important too. If you put “a generous benefits package” but you actually offer a free gym membership, private healthcare, subsidised food and more, you should say that because it’s way more interesting than a very vague “generous benefits package”.

  1. An amazing brand

Everyone wants to work for the big top brands; Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon, but really being an amazing brand is more about the mission and values than it is the products themselves. It’s about the way the organisation does things differently and how it’s unique from all the rest. Even your company’s stance on the environment, helping the community or charitable giving, can all showcase you as an amazing brand, so it’s important that you shout about them. 

  1. Easier commute

Who doesn’t love being pressed under an armpit for an hour at 8am on a Monday morning… Have you ever heard of a reverse commute? More and more people are looking for work travelling away from the hustle and bustle of the Central London underground. Being clever with your targeting can really help in attracting the right audience. Selling the location of your offices is a great way to generate local candidates who may be looking for an easier way to work. 

  1. More senior position 

Everyone wants to continue their career progression and move on to a new challenge. Being open to candidates with less years experience or without qualifications can be a great way to find talent. Just because someone’s done the job longer does not necessarily mean they can do it better. Making sure job descriptions are open to a variety of applicants without restricting it to a specific tenure or skill level (unless it’s absolutely required) is key to attracting a wider talent pool. 

  1. A better work life balance

Flexible working, working from home, shared parental leave, volunteering days. All of these are key players in a better work life balance and attracting candidates. Showcasing what you offer as an employer and how you accommodate your employees’ lives outside of work is a very topical subject and making sure you’re a part of that conversation is a must. 

  1. A unique opportunity 

The way you present the role plays a big part, it’s really about selling the role as something different and new.  In reality most jobs themself don’t vary much from company to company, but it’s about talking about all of your organisation’s unique selling points (USPs). If you let your employees work from any of your offices in the world or only have a 4 day week, these are your USPs that you really want to shout about. Even if you have a “hard to fill role”, talking about the challenges and rewards of the role might help pique candidates’ interests.

  1. Attractive salary

No surprises that number one is still money. Which means it’s really important to include salaries in the job descriptions for your roles. Our survey found that 60% of people get put off a role if the salary is not listed, so you could be missing out on a huge amount of potential talent. If the salary isn’t competitive or above benchmark for the industry you should still include it and bolster your ad with all the other things that attract candidates above. 

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